TiffanyEFF Graphic Design

KT Brochure

Creative Direction / Editorial Design

Our previous brochure did not capture the premium experience Kensington Tours creates for travellers in customized private guided tours. My goal was then to reimagine how we present the travel experience to the market. 
I focused on the use of space and image selection. Photography was essential in setting the stage of what your holiday could be when traveling with Kensington Tours. Each image was chosen with the idea that it was taken by the same lens on the same day. I wanted you to feel like these pictures could be your travel memories. Turning the page into Italy, I wanted you to feel the sun in Rome on your neck. Almost tasting the limoncello. On the cover I chose a soft touch finish, a reference to the luxury of the experience. Using a spot gloss on the title, logo and date. 

This brochure was absolutely a labor of love for me.