TiffanyEFF Graphic Design

Holiday Travel Guide

Creative Direction / Editorial Design

I designed this travel guide for a family vacation. Whenever we travel I put a book together of important dates and destinations. A resource which I’ve found to be essential in keeping everyone on the same page - no pun intended - on trips with overwhelming details.

This year I had some goals when designing this book. First, I wanted it to be fun and vibrant, encouraging everyone to participate in its interactive nature. It also had to be clear and concise, allowing you to grasp details at a glance. Another key factor was that it needed large enough to support a type size everyone could read, but also small enough to slip into a backpack or shoulder bag.

Every year when we come back from holiday, we always have stacks or pockets full of museum stubs, subway passes, maps and trinkets that generally lose their place in the shuffle of unpacking. Instead of throwing those memories away, I created space in the design that encourage travelers to write notes and details of the day. Large pockets of white space left room to stick pictures and a daily calendar helps to keep track of what exactly we did after that 3-hour bus ride. 

I wanted this book to be a diary of great memories, but also a record of must see (or must miss) hot spots and hidden gems for our next adventure.