TiffanyEFF Graphic Design

Day of the Dead

Creative Direction / Illustration / Layout Design

I just love it when a client gives me the gift of complete creative freedom – Happy Birthday Tiffany!

The directive for this project was to capture the spirit of Mexico’s Day of the Dead for a pitch card that would accompany a skull for recipients to decorate in their style.
Because Day of the Dead occurs around the same time as Halloween, yet contrary in celebration as it’s more of a joyous festival of the dead, I aimed to create a visual separation of the two. To emphasise their differences, I focused on colour. I didn’t use black or orange, colours that define Halloween, and instead used dark magenta, deep yellow & turquoise over a rich blue background. Flowers were a symbol I found time and again in my research. Their ephemeral beauty rings so true of Day of the Dead; it also showcases the many vivid colours of Mexico.

Event material design for MSLGroup Canada
Designed for both French & English languages