There is nothing more fun than when a client gives you carte blanche over a project, so I really enjoyed myself in designing the theme of Lacoste's year-end “Snapshot.” Armoured only with the words “editorial” and “high end” as a guide for the finished feel of the book, I chose a square format and monochrome colour palate for a moodier more exclusive aesthetic. 

I was intrigued by the idea of a digital highlight reel and used that as an example to create a modern inspiration board on the page. By using a floating grid I was able to marry multiple platforms together fluidly. To showcase Lacoste’s social media presence in a way that focuses the attention on Lacoste, instead of Instagram, I stripped down its interface and incorporated tag names & stats into the design.
Yet each image remains stacked as you would see it on your feed.


Holiday greetings are always a careful project to handle. Maneuvering through the scrubbed political correctness of the holiday - what to say, what not to say. Having to communicate the holidays without directly addressing it. Lacoste’s idea was a fresh take as it focused on the New Year instead. 

I had this modern minimalist concept on how to express the sentiment as quickly as possible but with a great impact and novelty. I loved the vintage
feel of the light signs and the looped animation worked so perfectly in this case. The pairing of light and time is one so naturally familiar to us that it seemed obvious to use it to illustrate the New Year, so as 2014 flickers to a close, 2015 lights the way.